janitorial cleaning rags

Not only is this a statement of fact, it becomes something of an insistence. It becomes something of an urgent appeal to source only janitorial cleaning rags and detergents, amongst all other cleaning implements that are environmentally friendly and sustainable to use. The thing about cleaning rags and detergents in general use is that they end up making even more mess than was intended. Little did many households and businesses know that all these that were meant to be good actually does more harm.

So you say to yourself that you have done a fine job cleaning up the place. On the surface it does look quite spic and span. It even smells great too. But just you inhale the fumes of the detergent’s residue left behind once more and see how quick and easy it is for you to get sick. Well, perhaps not you, but certainly so for the more vulnerable among people. Young children and those already dealing with serious illnesses or diseases.

Without wishing to sound harsh, you wonder sometimes how they landed up that way. Much could have been avoided had they taken better care. And a little bit more vim and vigor, certainly a lot more elbow grease, always goes a long way. You are killing two birds with one stone. On the one hand you are stilling the place fixed up clean. And on the other hand you are keeping yourself in physically good condition.

Probably mentally too. One more stone to pitch, as it turns out. Old-school janitors might want nothing to do with vacuum cleaners. They know that good old fashioned mops, brushes and brooms do the trick just as well, if not, better. And they save a lot too, actually.